Sri Lankan Beach Vacancy: Tour Executive

Job responsibilities:

1. Steady increase of tour sales through successful handling of custom tour requests.
a. Manage customer relations including reservations, customer complaints, logistics and ect.
b. Managing and promoting tour packages to visiting via live customer assistance to increase tour sales.
2. Following international travel trends online and keep updated with tourism trends.
3. Maintain databases on tourism sales and client files.
4. Maintain statistical and financial records and strictly adhering to data protection regulations of the company as well as to EU DGPR.
5. Attend as an observer to management meetings as required and follow up with work deadlines.
6. Any other tasks as required and assigned.

Required Qualifications:

Experience: More than 2 years of prior experience in tourism sector with a special focus in European and North American regions.
Payment scheme: Base salary plus commission.
Language requirements: Full professional proficiency in English. (Proficiency in French, Russian, German and Italian is desirable).
Nature of work: Home Office.
Work hours: Flexible work hours.
Applications: Email your CV/ Profile to, with a cover letter explaining your experience, your relevant skills and motivation to work for a newly established tour operator on or before 31st of May 2018.

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Vacancies for qualified National Guides, Chauffeurs and Drivers who speak excellent English.

National Guide, Chauffeurs, driver or site guide

Join us if you are a highly rated National Guide, Chauffeurs, driver or site guide.

We are a company that offers exclusive private tours to exclusive travelers who want to see Sri Lanka’s hidden gems. Important part of this is the person who help them to see and experience things and drive them around the country.

We greatly value our National Guides, Chauffeurs, drivers and site guides. Apply today to be part of our company if you have a superbly maintained vehicle with you or you can speak one or more languages such as English, German, french, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Italian or if you are a excellent driver with lots of experience in handling exclusive tours.

We pay well over the market average for our highly rated national guides, chauffeurs, drivers and site guides. Be a part of our growing fleet on assignment basis (freelance) and guides if you have a track record of handling exclusive tour packages.

Sri Lankan Beach has a strong labour policy that respects international labour and work standards.

Grow your career with Sri Lankan Beach and be a part of this amazing story. Submit your application below and await for confirmation.

If you fails to be submitted please email us your CV at

Personal details

Name :
Birth day (year, month, date):
Email :
Land Phone :
Mobile Phone :
Location :

Residential address:

What is your profession (National tour guild, All island chauffeur, All island driver, Site guide, Site Chauffeur"):

How long you need to prepare for a tour?

How long is your experience as a Chauffeurs or tour guides
Where do you currently work? (provide company name)

Which languages you have professional proficiency?

Vehicle type

Do you have children seats for your car? (Provide details about the age of children they can be used with)
Do you have proper tourist insurance for vehicles you drive:
Available vehicles (provide details model, year, condition, number plate):
Do you have a national tour guide licensee? (provide your registration number)

We provide exclusive private holiday packages to travelers from around the world to visit Sri Lanka. Most of our customers visit our web and social media platforms to buy there packages from us. A limited number of selected travel package agents in Europe and Asia have partnerships with us in providing customized tour packages to there customers.


What we offer for partner travel agents:

  1. Special business to business rates for all tour packages and services.
  2. Maximum flexibility during tours for your customers.
  3. Flexible agreements.
  4. Special exclusive customization options for tour for all aspects of a tour package.
  5. Guaranteed availability for tour packages and support services that tour agent needs.
  6. Liability sharing options.

If you are a tour agent who wish to work with us you can contact us by emailing us at