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Important travel information and disclaimers



Sri Lanka is home to one of the best public health systems in the developing world. However, we advise you to fill in our medical form and tell us about any special access needs you may have. We will try our best to cater to your needs.  We recommend you to consult your doctor to get medical advice on any vaccinations you may need. Sri Lanka is malaria free. 🙂

Please take note of the health form that you can fill and send back to us for any case of emergency.




Many national governments provide updated advice on safety issues for international travelers. We recommend that you check your government’s advice for their latest travel information before departure. We strongly recommend the use of a neck wallet or money belt while traveling for the safe keeping of your passport, air tickets, travelers’ cheques, cash and other valuable items.

Leave your valuable jewelry at home – you won’t need it while travelling. Most hotels have safety deposit boxes, which is the most secure way for storing your valuables. A lock is recommended for securing your luggage.

When travelling on a group trip, please note that your group leader has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the trip itinerary if deemed necessary due to safety concerns. Our company representative or guide will accompany you on all included activities. During your trip you will have some free time to pursue your own interests, relax and explore at your leisure. While your tour guide will assist you with options available in a given location, please note that the safety standards of all activities organised by third parties are maintained by them and you may take part in them at your own risk. Please use your own good judgement when selecting an activity in your free time. Although the cities visited on tour are generally safe during the day, there can be risks to wander through any major city at night. We recommend to stay in small groups and to take taxis to and from restaurants or during night time excursions. Water based activities have an element of danger and excitement built into them. We recommend only participating in water-based activities when accompanied by a guide(s). We make every reasonable effort to ensure the fun and adventurous elements of any water-based activities have a balanced approach to safety. Keep in mind that different operators have varying degrees of operating standards. It is our policy not to allow our representatives to make arrangements on your behalf for water based activities that are not accompanied by guide(s). Swimming, including snorkeling, is always at your own risk. Read more about travel safety for ways to further enhance your personal safety while traveling.



Due to legal complications we expect you to not use or possess any illegal drugs during the tour. It may bring trouble not only to you, but also to the entire group.



Our tour packages do not include the insurance. We however highly recommend you to get a travel insurance. Upon your request we can advise you on getting one.



Typically in Asia the dress code for both men and women is less liberal than in some parts of Europe. When visiting a religious monument you are generally expected to cover your shoulders and knees. After several controversies associated with misbehaving tourists, many Buddhist temples including those with UNESCO World Heritage status require you to have a more conservative dress code that covers your shoulders, upper arms and knees. If you have any tattoos of the Buddha please make sure they are well covered.




Disclaimer of the Tour

(The information in this trip details document has been compiled with care and is provided in good faith. However it is subject to change, and does not form part of the contract between the client and the operator. The itinerary featured is correct at time of publication. It may differ slightly to the one on the website. Occasionally our itineraries change as we make improvements that stem from past travelers, comments and our own research. Sometimes it can be a small change such as adding an extra meal along the itinerary. Sometimes the change may result in us altering the tour for the coming year. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the most rewarding experience. VERY IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you print a final copy of your Trip Details to review a couple of days prior to travel, in case there have been changes that affect your plans.)



While it is our intention to adhere to the route described below, there is a certain amount of flexibility built into the itinerary and on occasion it may be necessary or desirable to make alterations. The itinerary is brief, as we never know exactly where our journey will take us. Due to our style of travel and the regions we visit, travel can be unpredictable. The Trip Details document is a general guide to the tour and region and any mention of specific destinations or wildlife is by no means a guarantee that they will be visited or encountered. Additionally, any travel times listed are approximations only and subject to vary due to local circumstances.



All our tours are designed to have fully certified and experienced travel support staff. We always make sure you have the best available guides and chauffeurs. They will always provide you the information you need and will take care of your needs so that your experience will be truly memorable. Your travel guide will also provide you great tips about places to see and visit and where to go out and eat. Whenever needed, we will provide you experts to provide you give you information no other can.



Good food makes everything better. Therefore, we will help you to find affordable and exotic food that is enjoyable without having to worry about anything else. In general meals are not included in the tour price unless it is specified in the final itinerary by the time of the payment. This is so that you have maximum flexibility to allow you to go out and enjoy what you like. However, we offer a number of complimentary services which may include snacks, tea and meals.


As a group we will take you to places with a large diversity whenever it is practical. You will also be free to eat separately from the group. We will only take you to the highest rated and best reviewed restaurants and hotels. Food is cheap in Sri Lanka and as a company we will give the cost benefit we get back to you. For independent trips please check your travel documents to see what is included in the package.



Private A/C saloon car, van/minibus or large tour coaches depending on the group size.



Types of accommodation and number of nights and type of rooms

All packages have a designated luxury category that we use to maintain our tour standards. However if you want to have 5 star hotels instead of 3 stars, or go to lower cost accommodation, we can arrange that as well. In cases where higher star hotels are requested, tour costs will also go up.



For extra-large groups: Maximum 25, average 20

For large groups: Maximum 12, average 10

Small groups: Maximum 6, average 5



One of the reasons why we as a company come to be is to provide travelers the best price for the places they visit. So if you are a solo traveler, we will work very hard to keep your cost down to a minimum. For little more you can get a single room. The cost will depend on whether you join a small group or travel alone. We will try at all times to bring the cost down to the level of a small group tour even if you are travelling alone.






  • Clothing that covers knees and shoulders, long pants/jeans, shirts/t-shirts, smart outfit
  • Shawl or scarf, sun hat/bandana, sunglasses, hat


  • Passport, flight info, insurance info
  • Required visas or vaccination certificates
  • Vouchers and pre-departure information


  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Camera
  • Cash, credit and debit cards, money-belt
  • Day pack
  • Ear plugs, first-aid kit, flashlight/torch
  • Fleece top/sweater
  • Footwear
  • Locks for bags
  • Outlet adapter
  • Personal entertainment
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sleepwear, toiletries
  • Small travel towel
  • Watch and alarm clock
  • Waterproof backpack cover
  • Windproof rain jacket
  • Hiking boots/sturdy walking shoes
  • Hiking pants, sandals/flip-flops



Most of the hotels provide laundry for a small fee.



You can apply for the Sri Lankan visa online at the government’s website It costs USD 30 per person for Non SAARC countries and USD 15 for SAARC countries. Please print the confirmation and show it to the immigration officer upon arrival. The visa will then be stamped in your passport. Your passport must have be valid for at least six more months after travelling.



The most accurate exchange rates can be found at Bank counters at the airport will provide a rate for the standard and regulated price. All over the country banks provide the same rate. We advise you to change some of your currency to local money at the airport. You can also take money from an ATM with your credit card. There are ATMs in cities throughout the country.



Tripping is not compulsory, but desired and is generally around 10%. Tipping your tour guide is not a must, but they are generally tipped around 30 USD per person for a week of travel.



As the tour package doesn’t include the air ticket, you need to book your own ticket. You are expected to arrive prior to a particular time in your pickup location. It can be the airport or Colombo or even Negombo. Please communicate and agree with us the time and place you would like to be picked up. If you cannot arrive in Sri Lanka by the time of Day 1 of the tour, we advise you strongly to come a night before. Our team can help you to book a place to stay at your own cost. We will pick you up from this place of stay. At the end of the tour, we can bring you to the airport or drop you off in Colombo or Negombo.



You are expected to contact our representatives within 40 mins of you leaving custom clearance of the airport once you landed. If you are late, we will assume you have made your own way to the hotel. However we will pay you back the cost of “the certified airport taxi company” transport.



The police emergency number is 119. Our national emergency numbers will work 24*7. You will be provided the number of your guide or driver who will come to pick you up before departure.



Airport transfers are included in the price as part of the tour. However please note that you have to notify us at least 2 days in advance if your flight plan has been changed and we will try our best to accommodate you.



  • It is not possible to cancel any booking after making the payment. Therefore, there will be no refunding. However we will do our best to cater you on different dates subject to availability and cost differences.
  • We provide many optional and value added services for free. However some options will not be free. You must check the itinerary for further information.
  • The official check-in time at all hotels is 12:00 hrs and check-out time at all hotels is 11:00 hrs.
  • We will make every effort that wildlife safaris are safe for our travelers. However the clients take the ultimate responsibility. Special wildlife safari vehicles come with the most basic insurance covers and might not cover your medical costs.
  • The vehicles used in transport during the itinerary may include more comprehensive insurance coverage.