How do we provide the lowest possible prices?

We have special partnerships with highly reviewed hotels and resorts, tour operators and service provides. We give the benefits of special prices from our partners directly to the customer. Our profit margins are the lowest in the industry. We run a largely web-based operation and don’t maintain huge office complexes in order to keep our running costs low, so that we can give you the best price. To handle our web operation and international finance, we have entered into a partnership with the Belgium-based company SCACS Consultants and Services who can ensure a highly professional service. Some of our managing partners are based in Italy and the Netherlands. We have designed many tour packages incorporating destinations and hotels highly recommended by The Guardian, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet, combined with amazing secret places that we discovered during our own travels. We give you the chance to experience travels that the world is talking about.We invite you to explore the tours offered on our website and contact us to discuss your dream holiday in Sri Lanka. We can design a custom-made tour for you and your family and friends that agrees with everyone’s desires, fantasies and budgets. We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Sri Lanka!

Paying for your tour is owned by Pearlwinds International (Pvt) Ltd. Our website and e-commerce services are managed by SCACS Consultants and Services based in Brussels. Your payments made via this website are managed by the PAYPAL payment gateway and secured by a special godaddy SSL certificate and McAfee security service. We use an online payment gateway from paypal to ensure trustworthiness and to facilitate secure payments. Your payments will be processed by SCACS Consultants and Services.

We accept all of the following methods:


Paypal payment methods Sri Lankan Beach

You can pay for your tour either by simple bank transfer to Sri Lanka or via the booking service on our website with  credit cards,or even to our partner Belgian bank account.

Once you make the full payment online, you will receive an automatic payment confirmation by e-mail. In addition we will also personally contact you in order to learn more about your preferences and personal interests, so that we can make your tour a truly wonderful experience.

Please visit the EU Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution website to read more about European online payment regulations and related information or address any issue with SCACS Consultants and Services.

Expenses in Sri Lanka

We plan your Sri Lanka tourism package deals for the lowest possible cost. For your personal expenses during the tour, we advise you to change money at authorized money exchange services or any bank in Sri Lanka. The exchange rate is everywhere the same, so you can exchange money as soon as you arrive at the airport. Also every town throughout the country has banks and cash machines from which you can withdraw money with your credit card.

Most tourist places and bigger shops and restaurants accept credit cards, but we advise you to always have some cash at hand.