Kandy Urban Castle boutique hotel Sri Lanka

Kandy Urban Castle

The modern classic architecture, sights, sounds and scents take your senses on an exploration. The Urban Castle in Kandy is the ideal place to unwind, taking you to a whole different experience of relaxation. A touch of the ancient heritage city resonates throughout Urban Castle and the warmest hospitality will enumerate color to your stay with us.

Tantalize your taste buds with our own take on traditional Sri Lankan cuisine assembled according to ancient recipes dating back to centuries ago. The touch of world renowned tropical spices of Sri Lanka and coconut in most recipes adds divergent, unique flavors giving you taste to cuisine like none other.

Urban castle boasts of rich reproductions of ancient Sri Lankan temple drawings. One of Sri Lanka’s most famous artists, who has been in love with the paint brush for decades, replicates these marvelous masterpieces in our gallery, exclusively using organic colors made on his own. Our Art Gallery houses reproductions of ancient paintings which you can glance through in one place.

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