Kalundewa Retreat luxury boutique hotel Sri Lanka

Kalundewa Retreat

Tucked away in a lush 100 acre land you find the Kalundewa Retreat, where the mountains speak to you as you experience losing yourself to the enchanting wonders of nature. Replete with fine interiors and cozy comforts, our abodes are surrounded by beautiful natural settings and are designed to soothe the senses.
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The Kalundewa Retreat draws its beauty from the mystic Kalundewa Mountain range that seems to come alive with each sunrise. The glimmering rays of sunlight that fall on the natural slopes of the mountain bounce off the terrain in myriad angles as if though it speaks to us. It’s a truly singular experience that we wish to pass on to our guests each day.

With an inimitable perspective on the human-nature bond, Kalundewa Retreat is easily one of the most unique boutique hotels in Sri Lanka lying amid 100 acres of pristine land, home to four beautiful lakes which also support a rural farming community.

Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s most renowned architect and a pioneer of the concept of ‘tropical modernism’, singled out Kalundewa as the most idyllic spot for a hotel in the entire district of Dambulla. We have combined the mysticism of the Kalundewa Mountain range in our concepts, architecture and layout. Cradled in the arms of lush vegetation and adorned by acres of unpolluted nature, Kalundewa Retreat consists of a handful of dwellings, thus, maximising on our eco-friendly concept.

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