Kalpitiya Beach holiday Sri lanka Ruwala resort (7)

Ruwala Resort, Kalpitiya

Ruwala Resort, Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka. …a soft haze hangs over the quiet lagoon, the wind rushes by, gently rustling the Palmyra fronds, an orchestra of birds strike up to welcome another beautiful new day at Ruwala Resort where tranquil pleasures and wild pursuits await: the choice is yours.

One place … a lifetime of memories. A rustic eco retreat and adventure park fused into one, Ruwala Resort – Nature and Adventure Park is a unique haven at Kalpitiya in the unexplored north-west coast of Sri Lanka, strategically placed between the quiet lagoon and the rolling swells of the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by lush, unspoiled mangrove forest, Ruwala Resort offers the best of all worlds for those who seek an unforgettable holiday. Whether it is a quiet getaway, or an exciting adventure in the tropical wilderness, with us, you can have it all.


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