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Divyaa Lagoon Resort Kalpitiya

Overlooking the serene Dutch Bay in Kalpitiya lies the stunning Divyaa Lagoon Resort. This eleven bedroom four acre boutique property steps away from the Indian Ocean is the perfect destination for your next holiday. Divyaa, translating as heavenly, is known for its minimalist yet luxurious offerings. The Divyaa ethos is to provide a dwelling experience reflecting all that Sri Lanka has to offer; hospitality, lush surroundings, vibrant and colorful foliage, decadent cuisine, sunny coastlines, adventure and water sports. Some of the facilities at Divyaa Lagoon Resort include a large swimming pool with Jacuzzi, private plunge pools for the Tropical Villas, a large bar and restaurant, free WiFi in the communal areas.

The Kalpitiya peninsula is a great location for a variety of outdoor activities, including kite surfing, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching, safaris and boating. It is also a wonderful area for bird watching and walking, with miles of clean, open beaches and countryside to roam and enjoy.

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